Welcome to our beautiful studio, perched, with expansive views of the South Saskatchewan River in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Created by our owner, Tami Ellis, The Loft Yoga Studio was inspired following the tragic loss of Tami’s daughter in 2014, due to a motor vehicle accident while texting. The last words shared between Tami and her daughter were those three important little words,

I love you, Mom. You have to finish writing your book and you have to do your yoga teaching.

From the ashes of her accident, only one thing remained intact and it was Sydney’s blue yoga mat.  Tami used this as a spiritual sign to pursue her teaching in a remote place in the North of Bali, Indonesia.  An avid participant in yoga for 20 years, she pursued the teaching to delve deeply into her loss and subsequently experience the deep philosophies of yoga, which changed her life and brought something so beautiful to fruition in the wake of horrific tragedy.  Sydney’s extraordinary beauty graces the walls of the studio as a reminder to everyone who enters the studio that happiness, peace, love and spiritual awakening can prevail following a tragedy.

As it has been said “Build it and they will come.”  This statement has held true with the amazing teachers, who have wandered in the door offering their experience, wisdom and energy. We offer a number of classes including Pilates, Nia Dance, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yoga for beginners, Yin Meditation, Restorative Yoga, and Power Vinyasa. We also offer Physical Therapy, massage, acupuncture, custom built orthotics, yoga therapy services by Tami, scheduled in between classes. Should group yoga feel intimidating to you, please contact Tami to discuss options for one on one practices, until you feel comfortable to participate in a group setting.

Finally, our studio has become an incredible launching point for workshops, local and international retreats, pending teacher training as well as community networking and development. We love our studio. We know that you will too.


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