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Keen to lead a hybrid life, I work in such a way that I have the time to pursue other endeavours that facilitate and enrich my life. Adventure travel in remote and wild places is extremely important to me. Nepal feels like my second home within the incredible nature, friends, and family that have embraced me. My interest in public speaking is derived from my passion for mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing.  I place great importance on mental and spiritual well being; the mind is an extraordinary player in physical wellbeing. Following the loss of my beautiful daughter Sydney, I also speak on rising up from the tragic loss, grief and resilience, and the addiction and subsequent fatality of texting and driving.

Speaking Topics

  • Mental, Spiritual, and Physical Wellbeing
  • Corporate Wellness Training
  • Texting and Driving
  • Fatality and Rising from Grief
  • Leadership
  • Managing International Treks
  • Philanthropic efforts in Nepal
  • International Yoga and Teacher Training
Tami recently spoke at a junior high assembly for approximately 200 grade 7-8 students at Dr. Roy Wilson Learning Centre. Tami has lived a life full of wondrous experiences as well as adversity and is able to integrate her wisdom and humor into her presentation. Most importantly, Tami is a storyteller and she makes her adventures come to life for her audience. Not only was she engaging for the large audience of students but she tailored her presentation to be relatable to their age, experiences and future aspirations.

The presentation Tami delivered covered a range of topics. She shared stories related to her passion for travelling and immersing herself in different cultures that left students awestruck. She connected with students who are newcomers to Canada as she has spent time in many of their home countries. Tami has also endured heartache with the loss of her mother as a child and more recently the tragic death of her daughter. Tami was able to share a powerful message of the dangers of texting and driving and the lasting impact this has not only on her but her family members as well. Equally poignant was Tami’s ability to openly share about the tragedy she has experienced and how she has been able to transform this into beautiful opportunities for growth and healing for others.

Both students and staff commented on how powerful Tami’s message was and many students approached Tami after her presentation to share their own stories and express their gratitude for sharing her life and stories with them. I have confidence that Tami’s message will continue to create a lasting impact on the student’s she spoke to and for any future speaking engagements she is involved in.

Britni Chambers, BSW RSW, Family School Liaison Worker

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